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Bitaina Trading Ltd. is an online cryptocurrency trading company, registered in the United Kingdom, and therefore, is required to follow the legal requirements of the United Kingdom, including, but not limited to, restricting certain businesses and people from using services offered by the company.

If you plan to use any of our service on our website,, you must comply with the following terms of service before opening a FREE account.

Please note that Bitaina Trading Ltd. reserves the full right to modify any of its terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.

All changes will be updated on this page and it is your responsibility to periodically review this page.

If you decide to continue using Bitaina's services after reading these terms of service, it implies you fully understand and accept the terms.

1. Accounts

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of opening an account with Bitaina Trading Ltd..

1. Here is the list of restricted countries that are NOT allowed to use Bitaina Trading Ltd. services.

  • Burma
  • Cuba
  • Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Syria

2. Users of services provided by Bitaina Trading Ltd. are not allowed to use the services in a way that would violate the laws and regulations of their country of residence. Violating this term will lead to account termination, and the account holder is responsible for any losses that may occur.

3. Account holders must at all times obey and comply with all the identity theft guidelines set by Bitaina Trading Ltd..

2. Personal Information

According to the current laws of the United Kingdom, Bitaina Trading Ltd. has the right to collect personal information relating to its account holders.

1. During verification, all account holders are required to provide valid and accurate personal details.

2. You can always change your personal information on the “Profile” tab in the members' area (you need to log in to do this).

If you are NOT able to change your personal information after logging in your account, you must contact one of our customer service staff with your updated information.

3. In order to receive regular updates and communication from Bitaina Trading Ltd., account holders must be sure that their account details are updated regularly.

Bitaina Trading Ltd. will not be responsible for possible losses that may arise when account holders do NOT comply with this clause.

Please be aware that Bitaina Trading Ltd. has the full right to send its members (account holders) regular emails regarding our new offers, features, special events, and promotions.

4. For legal reasons, Bitaina Trading Ltd. will keep its account holders' personal information for a period of 30 days after they have closed their account with us.

3. Account Security

Bitaina Trading Ltd. offers a secure environment for its account holders to protect their sensitive information using complex 256-bit EV SSL encryption technology supported by COMODO CA.

1. Account holders are responsible for making sure that their login information (username, email address, and password) is kept safe and NEVER shared with others.

2. Account holders must make sure that their account login password is secure by changing it frequently.

3. Account holders should create a password that has at least one UPPERCASE letter and one number. The password must also contain at least 6 characters. Passwords are mandatory to gain access to accounts.


Account holders can keep track of their online transactions by logging in to their account. If they notice any irregularities within these transactions, account holders are asked to contact Bitaina Trading Ltd. customer service department immediately.

1. All transactions conducted on Bitaina Trading Ltd. are final, and cannot be reversed at a later stage.

2. If Bitaina Trading Ltd. suspects suspicious and fraudulent funds, we reserve a full right to put such transactions on hold until we have investigated the issue and resolved it.

3. Funding, transactions, and withdrawals are subject to the charges and fees of a third-party fee structure.

5. Account Limitations & Restrictions

These limitations and restrictions allow Bitaina Trading Ltd. to offer a safe and secure environment for account holders.

1. Account holders who are suspected of participating in fraudulent activity or turn out to be fraudulent, will have their accounts SUSPENDED until the investigation period is over.

2. If Bitaina Trading Ltd. finds out during the investigation that the SUSPENDED account is fraudulent and the user is violating Bitaina Trading Ltd. Terms and Conditions, we will NOT lift the account suspension imposed on that account.

3. Bitaina Trading Ltd. will not be responsible for those account holders whose country or jurisdiction does not approve of the type of services we offer.

4. Furthermore, account holders must NOT swear at, abuse, or threaten Bitaina Trading Ltd. staff, through email, or live chat. If Bitaina Trading Ltd. finds account holders abusing our employers, we reserve the right to immediately terminate their account.

6. Account Termination

1. To close an account, account holders must submit a ticket to our customer support staff.

2. Account holders who close their account may re-open their account by submitting a ticket.

3. Bitaina Trading Ltd. reserves the right to terminate, without prior notice, the accounts of account holders who violate our terms and conditions.

4. An account may be terminated for several reasons, including fraudulent activity, violation of terms of service, and violation of laws and regulations.

5. Furthermore, if Bitaina Trading Ltd. suspects any of its account holders of using any software / programs to hide their current location or if the company suspects any infringement of copyright, we reserve the right to immediately terminate such accounts.

6. Bitaina Trading Ltd. will NOT terminate inactive accounts.

7. Copyright

1. Account holders may use Bitaina Trading Ltd. trademarks (text, images, and other files) ONLY after written permission has been obtained from our administrator.

2. Account holders are NOT allowed to modify Bitaina Trading Ltd. trademarks.

3. If account holders fail to comply with Bitaina Trading Ltd. copyright terms, we will immediately terminate such accounts.

8. Bitaina Trading Ltd. responsibilities

1. Bitaina Trading Ltd. will make sure that a safe and secure online investment platform is provided to its account holders so that they can start investing with ease.

2. All transactions are conducted in USD or bitcoins.

3. Bitaina Trading Ltd. strives to back all electronic amounts with a USD or bitcoins.

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