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Referral program

Bitaina has a simple yet rewarding referral program that will help you to earn extra cash for helping our company – i.e. by promoting our investment program among your circle.

Unlike most affiliate programs that offer low returns and impose strict conditions, Bitaina Trading Ltd. referral program is quite different.

How it Works

The Bitaina Trading Ltd. affiliate program is extremely easy to use and yields great results, ensuring that your work never goes astray.

Here’s how our referral program work:

  • Sign up with our affiliate program and grab an affiliate link.
  • Every referral (investors/depositors) who join program through your affiliate link is credited to you.
  • On every deposit/investment made by the depositor, Bitaina Trading Ltd. offers you 3% - 8% of the total deposit amount. Higher plan gets +1% on referral commission respectively.

The affiliate program was specifically designed to market our investment program through our loyal customers as well as reward them for bringing new members from their circles to join and invest in our program.

So, if a new depositor referred by your affiliate link makes a deposit of $1000, you earn a referral commission of $60.  Sounds fair? Yes, it does!

Terms & Conditions

Just like with every other affiliate programs, our affiliate program also has its own set of terms and conditions.

By agreeing to our affiliate program terms and conditions, you will continue to build a good relationship with Bitaina Trading Ltd.

  • Bitaina Trading Ltd. will not bear the costs that incur during marketing and promoting your affiliate links. It should be your own investment.
  • Bitaina Trading Ltd. retains full right to accept or reject any investor/depositor.
  • Bitaina Trading Ltd. also reserves the right to cancel an affiliate program in case of bad conduct on the part of our affiliates.

These referral program terms may seem a bit restricting at first, but this code of conduct will ensure we always follow accepted ways of marketing and promotion.

You can promote our affiliate links on your website pages, or blog posts, or relevant forum posts. Just make sure not to spam them. Place your links naturally, and try to communicate the benefits of joining our investment projects with your circles.

If they’re convinced and find it genuine, they’ll automatically return you the favour by joining the program.

It’s fast and easy, and helps you earn extra money.


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