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Privacy policy


We run a successful online business by establishing a high level of TRUST between ourselves and our clients. We strive to protect all your personal information in every way possible.
When we collect your personal information, we maintain the following Privacy Policy:

We collect your personal information only if we think it's relevant or necessary to conduct our business.

We will NOT reveal your personal information (user name, email address, and password) to any third party unless you have authorised us to do so.

We strive to keep your personal records up to date and accurate.

We operate a strict security system that will prevent unauthorized people, including our staff, from accessing your personal information.

All third parties and Bitaina Trading Ltd. staff who have authorised access to your personal information are required to study and comply with our confidentiality obligations so that they do NOT abuse their authority.



Bitaina Trading Ltd. reserves the right to collect your personal information when you use our site, open an account with us, or conduct financial transaction(s) on our site.

We may collect the following types of personal information:

Your name.

Your email address.

Your banking details.

Your transaction(s) history.



Bitaina Trading Ltd. may use personal information for the following purposes:

To personalise your experience on our website (your information allows us to understand your individual needs and, therefore, respond better to your needs).

To enhance our website performance (we continuously modify and update our website with new features based on the feedback and information we receive from you).

To analyse usage of our website – number of visitors / months, pages viewed per visit, etc.

To improve customer service (your personal information allows us to quickly respond to your unique service needs and requirements).

To process transactions. Your personal information, public or private, will NOT be sold or exchanged by Bitaina Trading Ltd. to any third-party company for any reason whatsoever, without your approval. We will only use your information to deliver the products or services you’ve purchased or requested.

To send email notifications. The email address you provide when you create your account will be used to keep you updated with your order or service requests. In addition, we may also send company news, promotions, updates, and other relevant offers and service information that may interest you.

To run and direct a promotion, contest, survey, or any other site feature.

Note that we will ONLY process your personal information for the purpose for which it has been provided to us.

PLEASE NOTE: By using and viewing any of its pages, you agree to comply with our terms of use.



Bitaina Trading Ltd. will use your personal information for the purpose mentioned at the time when you provide us with such information, and / or for the intentions mentioned in this Privacy Policy, and / or as permitted by law.

You understand and accept that by using any of our Services, and accepting our Terms of Use, you will provide us with your personal information whenever necessary.

You give us permission to disclose your personal information, whenever we are required to do so by law, to third parties for electronic identification purposes (as mentioned above).

Non-personal information may be given to third-parties for the purpose of marketing, advertising, and / or other uses.

If any third party receives or has access to your personal information, they are required by us to protect your personal information. They are required to use it ONLY for the purpose of carrying out the services they are performing for you, or for Bitaina Trading Ltd., or otherwise required or permitted by law.

Bitaina Trading Ltd. will make sure that any such third party knows and understands our obligations mentioned in this Privacy Policy. By working with us, they are bound by our Terms of Use. These Terms are equally protective of any personal information that is disclosed to them as the obligations that we are subject to under this Privacy Policy or which we are required to comply with under the applicable data protection laws.



We record your visit to our website for analytical purposes, to understand the flow of traffic to our website and to get an overview of our site usage.

Some information will be collected through the use of “cookies”.

What are cookies? Cookies contain a small amount of information that is automatically placed on your computer. Our website may access these cookies whenever you use our website. Cookies include information such as your personal preferences on certain sites, thus allowing website owners to enhance the user experience. The information collected by cookies is used for research purposes. It does not contain your name, email address or any personal information that would allow others to contact you via email, or any other means.

Most major browsers are enabled to accept cookies. If you want, you can change your browser's settings to disable them. However, by disabling cookies, you may NOT be able to use our website to its maximum potential.

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