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More than 100 days online!

We are now approaching 106 days of being online and we are pleased to inform you that the positive interest we have received in our venture has exceeded our expectations already so far. We have more than 3,500 registered members and between them we have been able to increase our active cryptocurrency trading balance to more than $165,000. We have set new goals and are expecting to reach these as planned. Each and every day, more and more members will earn profits and will benefit from our project and will be satisfied with our performance and stability. Our investment results for these past several months were very positive as the bitcoin price continued to increase with only a few falls in price that were quickly recovered, giving us nice profit.

We are working on creating a representative page which will be launching within the coming weeks. We received a lot of requests to integrate such a promotional tool to Bitaina. Also, our beloved users will receive an ability to view our website in their native Vietnamese language, as users from this country are getting more interested in cryptocurrency trading strategies and technology. 

Our marketing team would like to thank you for your commentaries about Bitaina on forums, blogs and monitors. In such a competitive industry, you are the ones pushing us closer to our goal of being the number one project in the industry. We are also looking to have more investment projects monitors, because of monitors; admins can provide more information to potential investors about the project.

We truly hope you will enjoy your financial experience with Bitaina Trading LTD. The main concept of our trading platform is to not talk much, but to earn a great deal.



Welcome to Bitaina

Bitaina Trading Ltd. company has started in the United Kingdom by a team of experienced traders. Our main goal is to achieve the highest profits possible from activity on the cryptocurrency exchange markets. From the beginning, we have integrated many and popular e-currencies to make deposit procedure as easy and convenient as possible. We are happy to welcome all investors worldwide.

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